My name is Hope Tellifero. I grew up in the great state of Louisiana, with my parents, five brothers, and two sisters. In a family of ten you learn a lot about people and life, and as I’ve grown up I’ve learned to find beauty in all different parts of life.

I have a hard time pinning down what it is that I love – music, art, colors, sunshine, water, trees, rocks, nature, yoga, family, babies, adventures, rock climbing, food, red pepper, traveling, culture… I love life.

This presents me with an interesting problem: what to do with this life that I so love? As I graduate from Asbury University in May of 2013, this question looms ever-present over my mind and the journey of finding out who I will be continues. By looking back on who I’ve been I hope to find out who I am and who I want to be.

The possibilities are endless.

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