December 22, 2012:

Where is LOVE? This mythical thing, that beautiful star of which we sing.

In dreams I’ve seen it, just beyond me it sits,

but as soon as I reach it slips from my grip.

Angels tempt me with its glory but rend my soul when I strive to touch,

it is not for me to have, only to behold.

What is love, that I should desire it?

The romance of the hearts of men leaves every heart still wanting,

and the emptiness of its completion taunting.

LOVE ME, we beg,

but for what reason? We ignore.

“My heart is broken!” cries the lover, but he is mistaken,

It is the love and not the lover which is cursed.

And what does this leave me?

To turn my back on love,

to deny my heart its greatest agony and joy?

I know it will cut me, but I return to my folly,

the fool at heart still begs for love.

But into my darkness enters the light.

Not the light of men, nor the light of angels,

but the eternal Light of a love beyond the curse.

Beyond the fault of this cursed world I fell in love with the Light,

and the Light returns my love.

And in the Light I’m not ashamed of curses in the night,

of the broken darkness of yesterday.

The light is love

and the love is light,

I fill with wonder as I rise to meet it, its taste is sweet and never grows bitter.

It colors my world with brightness and beauty,

it never leaves me to wander or wonder.

It is greater than I,

but never over-lording.

It gives of itself and it takes me in,

it is beauty,

and it makes me into beauty.


Endless Summer

While most of my old friends are gearing up for their senior year of college or their first year of graduate school, I’ve been enjoying the summer. Since my work for the fall is still not quite set in stone, I’ve been a little pitiful. Moping around, playing way too much “Words With Friends” on facebook, and sleeping a ton. With my active, can-do personality, this sort of laziness only added to the stress of job-hunting and moving. However, two weeks ago I decided I’d had enough of that, and did something a little crazy. I bought a plane ticket to Costa Rica, to surf and do yoga with my best friend Joy.Image Continue reading


Five-thirty a.m. the alarm clock reads;

The sun is sleeping in.

My body wakes in the warmth of my bed

And a chill rushes in.

Close my eyes for one brief moment,

Open them again.

                I move about my room, taking in the sounds 

Of the earth’s faint life.

                Only I am awake to hear it, only I am awake to know

The plea the world makes as it wakes.

Wake up! Wake up and stretch your weary mind, illuminate the shadow

That’s fallen on your heart.        

You do not love the darkness, familiar as it is.

You know as well as I,   

But cannot muster to admit.

You do not love the darkness, of this we can be sure,

For all creatures long for light    

But few find strength to leave the night, to beckon coming dawn.

What do you want?       

In your heart you know the answer, but you’ve yet to give it voice;

                Your very soul it trembles with the power of the thought.